Neupogen days 2 and 3

17 Oct

I got my second and third Neupogen injections this weekend.

My overall muscle soreness thankfully did not get any worse after my second Neupogen injection (on Saturday), but the soreness in my neck did increase a little bit, and I did start to notice my ribs and lower back feeling like they were cramping briefly sometimes, especially when I stood up or stretched quickly. I was much more diligent about taking ibuprofen every six or eight hours and that more or less negated the muscle soreness, so I just felt a little creaky and old all day.

The takeaway from Saturday for me was that even if the injections make you a little tired, exercise is not a bad idea. In the afternoon I went on a walk in Devil’s Lake with a couple friends, and even though I felt tired pretty early that evening, the fresh air (along with the amazing changing leaves!) and the walking definitely loosened up the Neupogen stiffness, if only by distracting me from it.

Sunday went about the same way; I repeated the pretty-leaves-and-crisp-air self-treatment and went pumpkin picking, which again, with the help of some ibuprofen, pretty much wiped out all of the Neupogen side effects beside the sore neck and the weird rib/back crampy thing, though it did help both a bit. The only increasing side effect I noticed was the fatigue, which didn’t set in until the end of the day, but did have me pretty much beat by 9:30 PM or so. I suspect I’ll want to sleep early after my fourth injection.

I’m almost at the end of the day after my fourth injection now, so updates on that soon!



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