Neupogen day 4

18 Oct

Monday was my last day of Neupogen injections before the stem cell collection!

(Of course, there’s one more injection immediately before the collection.) Thankfully the side effects were pretty minimal, because I had to work until eight and I didn’t want to come home all sore and crabby. As in the last couple of days, the muscle soreness and neck soreness had either disappeared or been completely erased by the ibuprofen (my hero), leaving only the back-crampy effect which I’ve mentioned before, and  little soreness in my skull and jaw. I do think that pain in my back has gotten a bit stronger, but maybe it’s just because I’m getting sick of it. Anyway, I took it easy Monday night and went to bed early so I’d be well-rested for the collection.

Takeaway from the first four days, be diligent about the ibuprofen! Next up, the collection blog!



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