One month update

28 Nov

I just received a one-month update on my stem cell recipient!

The transplant has engrafted and my recipient is doing well and has been discharged from the hospital!

“Engraftment” means that my stem cells have migrated to my recipient’s bone marrow and have begun to repopulate her body with healthy white blood cells, giving her a new immune system (made of cells with my DNA!). That she was discharged means (I hope) that she has not experienced, or has experienced but recovered from, any of the immediate risks associated with the transplant process, like infection. She still likely faces a number of challenges related to the treatment in preparation for the transplant, which is extremely taxing, the risk of graft-vs-host disease, and the possibility of relapse, but I am wishing her the very best and hoping for more good news.

As for me, my Neupogen side effects completely vanished by a couple days after donation, so my biggest challenge now is wrapping up my first semester of grad school. After hearing the good news about my recipient, I did a little research on the process of allogenic stem cell donation, particularly in older patients, so if I have time, I’d like to write a post explaining a little bit about what I’ve found out there. In any case, I’ll be sure to update when I hear more about how my recipient is doing!



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